Saturday, August 28, 2010

Interpol: Over 80 Arrested in Africa in Police Operation on Counterfeit Drug Rings

In a story published in The Telegram on August 26th, Interpol is announcing that more than 80 people have been arrested and at least 10 tons of counterfeit and illegal medical products seized as part of a joint police operation in five east African nations since July 1st.

According to the story :

· "Operation Mamba III" involved the Lyon, France-based international police organization and a World Health Organization unit and targeted alleged networks of counterfeit drugs makers, traffickers and vendors.
· Interpol said Thursday about 300 sites were inspected or raided in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. The operation was the third of its kind in three years.
· Many nations have noticed a recent increase in police seizures of fake medicines. Interpol said they are becoming more prevalent, sophisticated and dangerous.

International law enforcement agencies working across borders is a significant step forward in combating the global epidemic of fraudulent, adulaterated and counterfeit medications. Continued and enhanced international cooperation is vital in making a significant impact on this deadly criminal act.

Along with enhanced enforcement, Secure Pharma Chain encourages all within the global pharmaceutical chain to deploy anti-counterfeiting technologies to protect their businesses and consumers from deadly bogus medications.

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